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"Flight 013" Murder Mystery Party Game

This murder mystery party game is designed to create a night of intrigue and excitement for you and your friends!

Within the comfort of your own home, you set the stage for solving a murder. You and your guests become the suspects. Each of you have hidden secrets, deadly clues and mysterious backgrounds.

Cast your inhibitions aside, apply your imagination and determine who the murderer is.



Flight 013:

Thomas Reed was traveling with eight friends and associates on board a commercial jet.  Everyone was gathered in the upper lounge enjoying drinks when the jet encountered a thunderstorm.  The severe turbulence created a convenient cover for someone to murder Thomas.

The Suspects are:

Lawrence Hendricks 11:A business executive with blood on his hands.
Carla Hendricks:The little sister with big ideas.
Victor Swanson:The head of a charity organization and a firm believer that charity begins at home.
Lynda Swanson:

Victor’s wife.  Could her unborn child be a clue to this murder?

George Mulligan:An actor who saves his best lines for the ladies.
Constance EdwardsA stewardess whose motto may be “Coffee, Tea or MURDER”.
Richardo Durante:A brute of a bodyguard with a temper to match.
Misty Reed: The beautiful widow grieving all the way to the bank.

Each murder mystery party game comes equipped with:
  • 12 PDF files consisting of:
    • A complete Party Planner with instructions, costume suggestions and an optional dinner menu
    • Invitations and name tags for your guests
    • 8 Character profiles with secret clues and backgrounds
    • The Author's Solution to the murder
  • Audio File which re-enacts the sounds of the murder and outlines the plot.


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